West Coast Swing Umeå's policy on data management

By signing up for, and using this registration system you agree to West Coast Swing Umeå saving your name and email address in our system. By registering for courses and/or events you further agree to West Coast Swing Umeå saving any additional information provided by you. All the data we save can be viewed directly in your account, no additional data is saved. If you wish to be removed from the system you must notify us as soon as possible, however, by removing your data all registrations and your account will be removed. West Coast Swing Umeå does not share any of your personal data with any third parties. The exception being caterers preparing food for our events. In these cases all potential food allergies will be anonymized and shared with the caterer. As of the new GDPR rules, all information concerning food allergies will be removed after the conclusion of the respective event.